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Let's Talk About HR Audits

When I mention HR Audits to potential clients, they almost always cringe. Over time, I’ve realized this is because they don’t understand that the Audit is a tool designed to make their businesses healthier and more profitable

Business owners don’t start companies because they’re looking forward to handling HR issues. Well, ok, business owners who aren’t Human Capital Consultants don’t start companies for that reason.

They start companies because they have an idea or a service they want to bring to the market. HR functions are typically considered an inconvenient necessity.

And let’s be honest, they frequently don’t do a great job of handling that necessity. They may hire a tactical HR representative to handle the bare minimum requirements, but there’s little to no oversight of this function in most small businesses.

If this sounds like the situation in your company, be aware that this lack of guidance can leave you with missed revenue opportunities, legal risks, and low engagement on your teams. Failure to ensure you are effectively leveraging your HR function is a decision that costs your company money every single day.

Enter the HR Audit.

The HR Audit is the first step in maximizing the value you receive from your team members. It’s also the first step in minimizing your HR-related business risks.

Chances are, the audit will uncover deficiencies in your HR function. That’s ok. Uncovering those deficiencies allows us to prioritize them based on the magnitude of the risk to your business. Once that’s done, we can take concrete steps to resolve the issues and make sure they don’t arise again.

If you’re ready to take this step or even just to think about taking this step, give me a call. I’m happy to help.

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